Now it's over 99 percent.




Now, what say you? Which of these percentage groups do you want your children and their children to follow? So why do people have so much trouble with the idea that 97 percent of scientists involved with creating lines of evidence showing that carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane now lead to human caused climate change, global warming?

Some would say this article is for climate scientists, and it reads like it. Just the same, Gilber Plass pretty well got us on the right track in the 1950s: Gilber Plasss, The carbon dioxide theory of Gilbert Plass.So the constant checking and correcting of data is extremely important in all parts of science. But the most important questions are: can the results be reproduced? And is there the weight of evidence from many research gr to show the same changes?

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Eunice Foote

Thousands of little Volcano like Hills form in Arctic!