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Ocean Rising Sea Level Rise

NASA's Earth Minute: Sea Level Rise

Earth's primary source of daily heat is the Sun. At sunset it turns off on the dark side of the planet. This side stays warm thanks to Earth's thermostate, its greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide (CO2) at this point in history. Raise CO2 and the termpearture goes up; drop CO2 and the termperature goes down - - a thermostat. In 1896 the Swedish Chemist Sevante Arrhenius gave use the first mathematical model describing this natural process.



Sea Level Rise from Global Warming Audio Reading




Sceptical Science

Letter to Our Grandchildren - - To be Opened in 2050


CO2 percent animation (use cursor on new page - - CO2Levels.Org)

Recommended Reading

NOAA Satellites

Lessons form Holland

Scientist Alex Gardner explains Climate and Sea Level Rise (Feb 2017) One hour and 12 minutes and basically a power point presentation.


Our Rising Oceans (VICE on HBO: Season 3, Episode 1) - HBO Documentary, 43 minutes, with some informative information on Antarctic glacier melt 50 years ahead of schedule. The Antarctic is a hotbed of discussion with politicians giving misinformation either from ignorance or misunderstanding.

Shanghai 'most vulnerable to flood risk'

South Florida Sea Level Rise Documentary

Two cities, two very different responses to rising sea levels