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The below book recommendations focus more on climate science than ideological issues related to climate denial.

For climate denial issues, see Climate Deception Network and Sceptical Science (Sceptical Science has clear, short answers to most questions the general public might ask. See it about climate change besides ideological objections to climate science.)

Recommended for Reluctant Readers:

Global Warming Primer: Answering Your Questions About The Science, The Consequences, and The Solutions

Climate Change: A Very Short Introduction

Climate Change: What the Science Tells Us Kindle Edition - Geard toward climate literacy, this nice little book has plenty of relevant climate science terms explained - - A textbook. There's a few key references related to the sciene of climate change, climate science.

Global Warming: A Very Short Introduction

Exxon: The Road Not Taken

The Atmosphere: A Very Short Introduction

The Great Warming (For an anthropological and historical look at the affects of climate change on past civilizations.)

For serious readers

Discovery of Global Warming, A history of Climate Science

Motivated Students

A history of the Science and Politics of Climate Change, Bert Bolin, Cambridge- Used copies remain available. - A Swedish scientist deeply involved in the formation of the International Panel on Climate Change. The first chapter gives a short history of the science with information not found in a number of other texts. Comments on the assessment, science, and politics related to the IPCC give an important take on this invaluable process of bring science and policy makers.

Concerns of participating scienctists demonstrate prove the conservative nature of the IPCC process.

Climate Change: What the Science Tells Us (textbook with many references)

History of climate change science - Wikipedia

Introduction to Modern Climate Change (textbook for non-science and science students)

1971 - Inadvertent Climate Modification: Report of the Study of Man's Impact on Climate (SMIC) (MIT Press)


Warmists Stunned by Roger Pielke in Senate Testimony on Climate Change




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Learn about the tobacco strategy; help those in need of clarity to overcome doubt created by the fossil fuel industry. Read the Climate Deception Dossiers.

Essential for parents: Exxon: The Road Not Taken