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Percent Counts - NASA - - 1 of 97 Percent

Honor your planet, know NASA - Visit Killer Oceans too!

NASA - Frequently Asked Questions

Trump administration sees a 7-degree rise in global temperatures by 2100 (PDF)

The climax of every tragedy lies in the deafness of its heroes. —Albert Camus, The Rebel

Learn more about the origins of climate science.

International Panel on Climate Change Assemet Summary (PDF)

Hear 1956 blast from the past on human caused climate change.

What’s REALLY Warming the Earth? - A 6 minute, clear, concise explanation and introduction to climate change science.

Know the difference between climate and weather. Know that global warming causes climate change.

Carbond Dioxide (CO2) Evidence


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Promote Climate Literacy and reproducible climate facts - - Climate Literacy: The Essential Principles of Climate Science PDF



2 degrees celsius equals 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit (Why 2 C matters)

Climate Change Explained - - Best Video Published on Dec 8, 2014

How Do Greenhouse Gases Work

Wikipedia History Climate Science

NASA - - 1 of 97 Percent


Greenhouse Briefly Explained

The word greenhouse tells us something's going on, but as an analogy fails to convey the powerful dynamics at work within and between Earth's atmosphere, oceans, and forests.  Our knowledge is sometimes limited by our language until we dig deeper for meaning. This web site shares resources for digging deeper. Bookmark and share Spencer Wert's free book.


"Climate is the long-term average weather pattern in a particular region and is the result of interactions among land, ocean, atmosphere, water in all its forms, and living organisms." NASA


Weather is the short-term state of the atmosphere at a given location. It affects the well-being of humans, plants, and animals and the quality of our food and water supply. Charles Fletcher, Climate Change, What the Science Tells Us (textbook)

4 parts - Tap number for a Youtube reading.

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  • How much energy we get from the sun
  • How much of that energy is reflected back to space (aerosols, ice, more)
  • Amount of greenhouse gases in atmosphere (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, flourinated gases)


Military and Climate - Spencer Weart


Read about Roger Revelle by following along. Learn about interaction between earth's atmosphere and oceans.

Short Answers to Hard Questions About Climate Change - NY Times

Compare Earth with Moon

Climate Science: What You Need To Know

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A very good explanation of what's going on with out atmospheric environment: Climate Science: What You Need To Know

The Pentagon & Climate Change


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When it comes to nature, you can't just do one thing.


Tobacco_Strategy_Audio Audio Button - The Tobacco Strategy - Cause Doubt

Suppose that 97 percent of medical scientists say that cigarette smoking leads to lung cancer, emphysema, and more. Then suppose that 3 percent of so-called scientists say that there's no proof or too little established science to prove that cigaretts cause cancer, emphysema, and more.

Do you begin your own research of the pertinent literature, or do you take the word of the 3 percent, the guys with no evidence?

Who belongs to the other 3 percent?


Would you want your medical doctor, your medical scientists, to ignore evidence based science, to ignore science?
Anyone using such so-called evidence that cannot be proven wrong, falsifiable, is using propaganda, not science. They seek to cause doubt and that's all they need do to get paid. That's how the tobacco strategy works.

Audio_Out_of_Time_Percent_Counts Out of Time

Out of Time
We've passed the point of no return for many species in the wild and their habitats. Oceans are now 30 percent more acidic than when humans started using fossil fuels. This may be especially so for aquatic species because of ocean acidification. So we cannot turn the clock back in the foreseeable future. When it comes to carbon dioxide (CO2), a tiny change in percent counts in great magnitudes of global warming caused climate change, perhaps more ocean acidification as well.

We're now talking about saving civilization as we know it. Do your homework, your own research and learn that these words are not hyperbole. Pay special attention to the time period between 1750 and the present. CO2 levels topped out at 409 parts per million (ppm) on April 6, 2018 on top of Mauna Loa, Hawaii. CO2 density in Earth's atmosphere was at 360 ppm in 2000. In 1750 we were at about 277 ppm. The rate of climb continues to increase as well.

CO2 remains in Earth's atmosphere for 200 to 300 years; roughly 25 percent remains for over 1,000 years.
Although a "trace gas" in Earth's atmosphere, CO2 has a powerful effect on atmospheric and ocean temperatures. If you doubt how a little change in chemical density can change effects, consider how a few drops of tobaso sauce changes the taste of eggs.

How about the odor of sulfuric acid? A little goes a long way. Read about CO2's effects on Venus compared to Earth. We're out of time to return to a 1750 fifty percent of CO2 for generations to come.

Again, do you own homework.


percent-counts-understanding-global-warming-button Understanding Global Warming - Earth and Venus (the moon too)

It's not complicated.

Unless we can intuit human caused global warming, we can learn about it from three facts:

One - Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide trap heat in Earth and Venus’s atmospheres the way blankets trap heat.

Two -

  • Coal, oil, and gas consist of carbon. When burned, carbon becomes carbon dioxide (CO2) and increases atmospheric carbon dioxide density. The percent of CO2 increases, then.
  • Some CO2 remains in the atmosphere for 200 to 300 years; roughly 25 percent may remain for over 1,000 years and beyond. There’s more. Each generation then passes on a higher percent of CO2 density then it inherited.
  • Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in 1759, burning coal basically evaporates coal mines into Earth’s atmosphere. And it’s the same with burning gas and oil for heat or transportation.

Three - Earth’s atmosphere becomes warmer. Reduce CO2 and it becomes cooler. See How Do Greenhouse Gases Work

Earth and Venus
Did you know that the density of Earth’s CO2 grew from about 289 parts per million (ppm) in the late 1700s to 409 ppm today? Earth’s average surface temperature is about 59 degrees Fahrenheit today.

Venus has 96.5 percent CO2 in its atmosphere and it has an average surface temperature of 872 degrees. It's hot enough to melt lead. Venus is also closer to the Sun, but don’t let the fool you.

Without their CO2 blankets, neither Earth nor Venus would stay above freezing on their dark sides, night time. So give some thought to Earth and Venus's CO2 blankets the next time our Sun goes down.

Questions to consider:

  • What percent of scientific agreement will it take, if any?
  • What percent of Americans remain uninformed about the growing risk of human caused global warming?
  • Throughout the United States on any given day, millions of Americans fight growing gridlock on our nation's highways; yet, with all the hours devoted to snaking their way through traffic jams, Americans continue to ignore the obvious: their cars release fossil fuel gas chemicals into the atmosphere at dangerous levels, proven so scientifically; yet, they remain uninterested in this clear and present danger. (See When I Knew video)
  • Climate deniers are those people who continue to believe that 1,000,000,000 cars can pump fossil fuel emissions without consequences; ironically, they sound like the tobacco industry 50 years ago.
  • Apparently they give little thought to the consequences of burning forests. Ironically, they sound like the tobacco industry 50 years ago.

National Security and the Accelerating Risks of Climate Change


Katharine Hayoe - atmospheric scientist

(See Exxon, - - But, to its credit, see this Shell Oil 1991 Climate Change Warning )

See this President Johnson video. Also hear President Bush and Margaret Thatcher

Eddie Evans

See Climate Deception for links and Sceptical Science for answers to questions.

Arctic Forum

Climate Seer James Hansen Issues His Direst Forecast Yet

Increase in Observed Net Carbon Dioxide Uptake by Land and Oceans During the Past 50 years - Nature

Statement to Trump Administration


Arctic Sea Ice 2016

Arctic versus Antarctic Sea Ice

Debunking Lord Monckton Part 1

Debunking Lord Monckton Part 2

Floating Garbage Patch

Flogging the Scientists

Methane: The Tipping Time Bomb


On Sea Ice

Time to Wake Up: Polar Distress: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (June 2018)

Under the Antarctic Ice Beauty of The Nature 720p Documentary & Life Discovery HD

How Do We Know that Humans Are the Major Cause of Global Warming?

Years of Living Dangerously Season 1: Bonus Footage - The Crossroads of Climate and Faith


within one generation the world will be a place characterized by intense heat waves, widespread disease, drought, food shortages, and deadly super storms.

Charles Fletcher . Climate Change: What the Science Tells Us (Kindle Locations 134-135). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

How Hot will it Get? -

Study project


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In military terms, global warming causes climate change that creates "tripwires." Three key words give meaning to these tripwires: war, famine, extinction. The Pentagon knows this all too well.  (PDF - Climate Change Adoption Roadmap, DOD - - Also read about Roger Reville for a lesson in serendipity and an unforeseen outcome of WWII.) Essential reading for parents: Exxon: The Road Not Taken

Adding carbon dioxide (CO2) to the oceans changes ocean chemistry so that the water becomes more acidic.

Earth's moon has a slight atmosphere. It's not enough to create an insulating blanket to trap the Sun's ultraviolet rays and create warmth throughout a "lunar day," let alone create seasons.

Climate is an average of weather. Climate "drivers" include human released carbon dioxide and methane. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) climate page.

We need to hold politicians accountable for their poor science literacy and denial practices. How could we ignore the dangers of increasing Earth's heat for generations to come? Where's the political accountability? See President Bush and Margaret Thatcher and then ask, "What happened?". Follow the money.

The proof that man-made CO2 is causing global warming is like the chain of evidence in a court case. CO2 keeps the Earth warmer than it would be without it. Humans are adding CO2 to the atmosphere, mainly by burning fossil fuels. And there is empirical evidence that the rising temperatures are being caused by the increased CO2. Sceptical Science